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Updated July 2024

Trained for my First Triathlon and Completed

I discovered that when I do one physical fitness activity once a week, when to go back the following week, I feel rested and much stronger than before. I'm doing Push/Pull Splits on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively, and running Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. My legs never feel like they fully recover between runs. So I decided to change things up a bit. I thought about swimming on Mondays, cycling on Wednesdays, and then a long run on Saturdays. And then it hit me—something that I've thought about doing for a long time—I might as well train for a triathlon. After six months, I completed the Boulder Sunrise Triathlon. It was life-changing and created overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

New Beginnings

In June, my divorce finalized. Shortly after, I began working at my gym, meeting and inspiring members, cleaning, and making new friends. Not long after I started, an opportunity to return to my technology roots emerged. I just accepted a position as Product Owner for SketchUp for Web.


There have been lots of books, movies, people, and experiences that have inspired me in many different ways. I've begun curating these all together on one place: Inspiration

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