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"A chance encounter with Tommy is sure to be a light-hearted, friendly, and warm exchange that will leave you with the impression that you were the most important person in the room while speaking with him. He is unassuming and affable, connecting easily with those around him. That is his gift."

That was written by a former colleague and friend of mine.

I share more about me and my journey on my About page.


I'm nourishing myself by tapping into happiness: exercise, creativity, music, and technology. I talk about it on my Now page.

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An ever-changing list of resources that inspire me in business, career, and life.


Befriending the Mind:
How To Stop Fighting The Mind And Have Fun Instead

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My exploration into the nature of mind, it's relationship with the body, memory, imagination, relationships, dreams, and so much more. Above all, of course, answers the question: "If I'm not the mind then who am I?"

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The Book of the Dead and Instantaneous Rebirth:
Your Guide to Personal Freedom, Love, and Living in Flow

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Through a series of experiments connecting with my higher consciousness, I discovered an ability to channel deep wisdom from a collection of unseen sages. I pose questions to these masters of knowledge and the words literally come out of my typing fingers and onto the page. Together, we get direct access into the highest levels of wisdom and consciousness so that we understand the nature of reality itself, the interplay of birth and death, and how, through it all, the limitless personal freedom that comes from unconditional love and living in flow.

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