Tommy Acierno

Your Potential Is Always Present

Do you see the apples in the picture of me below?

It might be hard to see them at the moment because they are only flowers right now.

Isn’t it amazing that something as hearty, delicious, and nourishing starts as a really delicate flower?

It takes a lot of vulnerability to start life as a flower.

They can be frozen, eaten by other animals, or destroyed in hail.

Yet the apples are always there; they exist as potential within the tree.

So I gazed at the flowers and said “hello” to the apples.

I remembered that just because they look like flowers right now, the apples are still there – waiting as potential.

Where is your potential at right now?

Are you bringing your potential to your work, relationships, and personal life right now?

Or will it take more time before your potential comes to the surface?


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