Tommy Acierno

Belief and Identity Minimalism

On my About page, I talk about the role that Identity has played both in my success as well as my grief.

At the same time, I realized how incredibly vast an influential our personal belief systems can be.

As an experiment, I'm practicing being more of an "empty vessel" so to speak.

I'm exploring and minimizing beliefs that I hold to be important or, dare I say, 'true.'

It's a fascinating process - questioning all that you believe - but I'm excited for the extra space that it will create in my psyche.

At the same time, my mind was blown recently while talking to a friend who is familiar with the Human Design methodology.

Under this system, I have what's called an "Open Identity Center."

This means that I can adopt identities easily and because it can change so easily it's rarely static.

This insight has clarified a huge part of my experience and continues to make me wonder how Identity Minimalism will affect me (knowing that, according to Human Design, it's not supposed to be static and defined anyway).


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