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My Commitment to You

"Leap and the net (might) appear..."
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Big Magic."

You might be more familiar with the original version of this quote from John Burroughs:

"Leap and the net will appear."

I've learned, loved, and lived the original quote from John Burroughs many times.

For example...

Every leap lead to something new, interesting, and exciting. There were tough times, of course. But I always felt supported and on the right track – a net always caught me took me to new heights.

Every leap...except for the last one: my previous job.

I poured my heart and soul into that work, and due to a number of circumstances, what I developed was paused, and I was laid off.

I felt like I missed the net completely and landed flat on my face.

It hurt. A lot. As you can imagine.

I spent months trying to wrap my head around why this time, of all leaps, that my trusty net didn't appear?

And then I heard Elizabeth Gilbert's quote, "Leap and the net (might) appear."

It got me thinking, "No net...What's next?"

For one, it could scare me away from ever playing big and taking another leap in the future. And for the bulk of this year, that's exactly how I felt.

But then a new insight came to me.

"What if I dust myself off...laugh at the spectacular belly flop...and start looking around for the next leap to take!"

This single change – this single thought – released a tremendous amount of weight from my mind, heart, and soul.

I took the leap and crashed spectacularly. And you know what? So what? I lived to tell the tale! And now I know what it's like when the net doesn't (seem) to appear.

And I can take that experience and make two choices:

  1. Believe that it's better to never leap, never be big, never be bold, never be ME ever again.
  2. Or I can laugh, recenter on who I REALLY am, and find the next opportunity to leap.

I've chosen the later.

And this is my commitment to you:

Now, this commitment that isn't for me; I share this for YOU to process through YOUR perspectives.

How open are you to taking a leap into the unknown – even if you belly flopped, too?

How committed are you to really go for it?

How ready are you to be unapologetically YOU?

I've made my commitment. How about you?


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