Tommy Acierno

Chiptune and BeepBox

As a child of the 80's, I feel nostalgic whenever I hear a classic 8-bit video game soundtrack.

It turns out that there's a whole genre of composers who are using 8-bit sounds to write electronic music.

It's called "chiptune."

As I explored the genre, I've found composers that I really like. Namely, I enjoy Kubbi because he combines Chiptune with electric guitar and drums in addition to traditional 8-bit drum sounds.

I then wondered, "how can I write my own chiptune music?"

A short search lead me to BeepBox. Written by John Nesky, a software engineer at Google, it's totally free and available online.

I watched a couple of tutorials to get a feel for the UI. And then I arranged two songs, He's a Pirate and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Click the play buttons below to listen:

He's A Pirate by Hanz Zimmer based on an arrangement by Hal*Leonard

Jack Sparrow by Hanz Zimmer based on an arrangement by Hal*Leonard

Do you have suggestions for other Chiptune artists or songs you'd like to me to arrange? Leave a comment below.


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